Mission Statement

Our corporate vision is to be a centre of excellence in client-focused care through innovation practices and specialised geriatric care for highly dependent persons with complex needs.

Continuous Training in SVP

The Maltese population is living longer. This leads to a stronger society. As the number of elderly people is growing, and they are living longer, this leads to increased demand for beds, increased need for dementia wards are friendly as well as a larger number of workers in this sector. The Training Centre in St. Vincent de Paul, not only closes the gap between theory and practice but are encouraging multi-disciplinary team to have the skills and attitudes necessary for the customer to have more holistic treatment and be individual. The main objective of this course is to improve the quality of life among our older. Click here to apply.

During the past two years, new energy efficient systems have been installed at St Vincent de Paul Long-Term Care Facility.  The project was funded through the European Regional Development Funds – ERDF 04.069.  Works included the installations of new heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems. The investment amounted to 3.3 million Euros.

Following studies, it has been concluded that the old (HVAC) and lighting systems became obsolete, inefficient and in need of replacement.   Therefore, the aim of the project was to introduce smart and energy efficient equipment in 21 wards, mainly in the Padre Pio, Serenity and Mother Teresa Blocks, and all St. Frances and St. Joseph wards.  The work also required the installation of modern soffits, with better acoustics and with fire-retardant characteristics.

The project had a number of challenges, mainly logistical ones, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic.  In order to reduce inconveniences, residents in the earmarked wards were temporarily transferred to other wards.

This project did not only see to improve the quality of life of the residents, employees and visitors, but also drastically reduce the Facility’s use of energy.  This is in line with European directives, primarily the Green Deal.

The European Commission stresses on the implementation of measures and initiatives to safeguard our planet from the effects of climate change, thus placing Europe at the forefront in these areas.