About Us

Our aim is  to help people stay in charge of their own lives for as long as possible as they age and, where possible, to contribute to the economy and society


The optimal well-being and quality of life for older persons


To be partners with the elderly and society through holistic client oriented policies and support so that elderly people continue to enjoy life to their maximal potential in their individual settings

Key Values

A society for all ages enables several generations to invest in one another and share in the fruits of that investment. It is a society in which the respect, equality, independence, participation, care, self-fulfillment and dignity of senior citizens will be pursued at all times. Through the National Strategic Policy for Active Ageing: Malta 2023-2030, Government commits itself towards achieving a society for all ages and ensuring that our nation adopts specific measures that will transform Malta into an age-friendly nation. Indeed, three key values that we believe should lie at the heart of present and future Maltese society

A society for all ages

One that adjusts its structures and functioning, as well as its policies and plans, to the needs and capabilities of all, thereby releasing the potential and the benefit for all

Intergenerational Equity

A truly democratic society champions equal respect, equivalent opportunities and comparable living standards between different generations


A commitment in renewing public policies on ageing so as to focus on the needs and wishes of the older population

Indeed, maintaining the autonomy and independence of older generations, as well as guaranteeing a smooth transition from community to long-term care settings, represent key goals. Advances in healthy life years improve the well-being of senior citizens, extend working lives, provide an incentive for economic growth, and most importantly, decrease the pressure on health and social care systems.

Taking a proactive stance in all that concerns population ageing does not only include managing various social and health care services targeting senior citizens, but also enacting policies that improve social inclusion and participation rates well beyond statutory retirement age.

The main objective of Active Ageing and Community Care (AACC)​ is that of transforming the society of ageing from one of dependency to active ageing, to enable independence and dignity with advancing age. As well, as providing Care Services in the community that assist senior citizens, in ageing-in-place. The objective is largely preventive, involving all age groups in the process of ageing actively across the life course.