iSupport for Dementia

iSupport is a self-help course, designed by the World Health Organisation, for carers of people with dementia, including family members, relatives and friends. This online educational programme is aimed for caregivers of persons with dementia and is currently available online for free. The course has 5 modules and takes approximately 7 hours to fully complete. Once enrolled in the course, carers can choose to work through all modules and lessons consecutively, or select the lessons that are the most relevant to their everyday lives. All lessons consist of brief readings, descriptive examples and several exercises. Carers receive feedback as they work through each exercise. Participants have to complete all modules, exercises, and the feedback survey to be issued a certificate of completion.

The iSupport for dementia programme, aims to prevent and/or decrease mental and physical health problems associated with caregiving and to improve the quality of life of those caring for people with dementia.

The iSupport online programme includes five modules and accompanying exercises, namely:

  • introduction to dementia;
  • being a caregiver;
  • caring for me;
  • providing everyday care; and
  • dealing with behaviour changes.

You can register and enroll for the iSupport for dementia course by clicking on the link below:
WHO-iSupport For Dementia – Malta, English, 2021 (